Capoeira Performance

Capoeira is the epitome of a vibrant Brazilian Culture!

ACER Capoeira performs every year at most famous Music Festivals in the UK as well as:

> Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
Brand Awareness
> Promotional Events
> Product Launches
> Road Shows
> Store Openings
> Themed Events
> Receptions
> Corporate Parties
> Private Functions
> Music Festivals
> Casinos
> Hotels
> Sporting Events
> Restaurants
> Clubs
> Birthdays
> Kids Parties
> Weddings
> Schools




Capoeira Performance combines;

Acrobatics, Dance, Martial Art Acrobatic Kicks,
performed to LIVE Capoeira music, which consists of
Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments and claps with traditional Capoeira Call-Response singing.

ACER Capoeira has a group of 8-15 performers dressed in white T-shirt and Trousers, on request we perform topless (boys only, girls in crop top), and instead we body paint.

Each performance could be as short as 5 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes long which could be spread up to 5 times along the day.

The performance is an energetic show featuring high flying acrobatics, fast kicks and audience participation with clapping and singing to a very fast and energetic rhythm.

Capoeira performance could be mixed with Samba Dancers, Samba Drummers or a Brazilian DJ or even while a Music Band is playing.

You could also have Capoeira Workshop after the performace.


ACER Capoeira Show


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