Association of Capoeira Engenho da Rainha Cornwall & Devon.

ACER Capoeira UK, was founded in 2001 by cMaster Rodrigo.

cMestre Rodrigo is from Rio de Janeiro and he has been training Capoeira for over 23 years. He is CRB checked and has been a fully qualified
Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant for over 13 years.

ACER Rio de Janeiro, was founded in the 70's by Mestre Celso.
Mestre Celso 75 years old has been training Capoeira for
over 55 years. Today he is the OLDEST active,
living Master teaching and playing
Capoeira in Rio and the UK.

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As well as buy some great Capoeira products
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> Plymouth University

> Tregadillett School - Mondays 3:30pm

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