Capoeira Workshop

ACER Capoeira leads Capoeira workshops and Maters Classes in Schools, Health Clubs, Music Festival, Corporate Event, Fitness Weekend, Group of Friends and more...

ACER Capoeira has two types of workshops both for all ages and abilities.

> Capoeira Movement Workshop

The Capoeira movement workshop starts
with a warm up (games sometimes) followed by
stretches and movements.

Participants will learn the History, Kicks,
Escapes and Acrobatics. Movements
are learned individually and in pairs.

The Workshop is a fusion of Fitness,
Acrobatics, Self-Defense, Dance and an
explanation/demonstration of the
Music Instruments and Singing.

The workshop is between 45 minutes to 2 hrs long.
If school, it could be single session or half day,
full day and 6 weeks progression course.

> Capoeira Percussion Workshop

One of the things that makes Capoeira stand out
from the other Martial Art apart from the
movements itself, are the music instruments and
the singing.

There are 5 instruments used in Capoeira Atabaque, Pandeiro, Agogo, Recoreco and there is one which is UNIQUE, the Berimbau.

Berimbau is the main instrument used in Capoeira, the Berimbau dictate the tempo, rhythm, when to start and when to stop, the speed of the game of Capoeira etc...

Berimbau is the Master of the Capoeira Roda.

We can provide a berimbau workshop for up to 20 people.

Participants will learn the History and rhythms.

Each workshop last 30-60 minutes.


ACER Capoeira Workshop
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